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NEXT COUNTING: December 24, 2020 Alfred Sisley

Alfred Sisley: 0002



Valid Bid: Indetermined
Number: 0002
Format: 50X60
Suport Type: Tela
Painting:Óleo Sobre Tela (Mãos e Pincel)
Painter: Alfred Sisley
Medium: Solange Godoy

Minimum Bid: R$ 450,00

Please fill in all fields in the form below to offer your bid


1 - Choose one of the paintings available in VIRTUAL AUCTION area at the website PINTURAESPIRITA.COM.BR and fill out the corresponding form to the chosen painting.

2 - You can give the bid on one or more paintings but every bid will be considered and the applicant will be responsible to pay all winning bids that gave. In this circunstance,you may not choose only one of the paintings and give up the others.

2.1 - The winner will be the one who offered the biggest value for the painting from the minimum bid stipulated in itsspecificationspage. In case of a tie of winning bids, the bid first sent will be the winner.

3 - To be valid, the bids must be made within the period specified in the AUCTION VIRTUAL webpage

4 - The winner of each painting will receive an email from SBBM (our institution in Brazil responsible for the ONLINE AUCTION)informingabout the resultsof the auction and the FINAL TOTAL VALUE. From that date on, the winner will have 3 days to do the banking deposit of the TOTAL VALUE that you will receive in the e-mail. Then you must send the scanned deposit receipt to our institution’se-mail to demonstrate the payment.

4.1 –For winners resident outside Brazil, see item 8.1.

5 - The TOTAL VALUE of the deposit must include the bid offered in the auction plus the transport cost of the painting by the route chosen by our institution. As criteria to define the mode of transports, we will consider firstlythe PAINTING SAFETY ASSURANCE and, secondly, THE LOWEST COST OF SHIPPING.

6 - If the winner doesnot prove deposit and payment on the specified time, the bid will be disregarded and the painting will not be sent.

7 - The bids placed outside Brazil should be aware of the closing period of the auction that corresponds to the Brazilian zone time (GMT-3).

8 –The winners outside Brazil should make the deposit including the shipment and the international shipping costs to be indicated, using the Valley Postal Service or making a banking transfer to the same bank of our Institution in the city of your residence.

8.1 - For winner resident outside Brazil the proof of payment and the copy of receipt corresponding to the remittance obligations must be fulfilled within 5 working days from the knowledge of results that will be sent via email.

9 - Once you send the virtual bid it forces the offeror by the terms contained therein.

10 - Who does not drive properly or comply with the terms presented here will be excluded from this auction and will be unable to participate in future online auctions.

11 - The winner of each painting is aware that the resources that will transfer to our institution are aimed to meet the basic needs of approximately 130 needy families in Brazil.